How to get our engineering and commercial offer
How to get our engineering and commercial offer
Please, send an official request to the email address of “LMK-PCP”, LLC Commercial Service specified in the “Contacts” section.
Note: Requests with no information about the company’s name, actual location, and contact details for feedback will not be considered.
1. Your Company’s name, actual address, and contact phones for feedback, if submitted not on the Company’s official letterhead blank.

2. The entire range of parts required for elaboration, with obligatory indication of the quantity for each item.

3. Relevant well-readable drawings of parts (or high-quality sketches) indicating all engineering specifications and required material.
Your request shall include:
After receiving a request, the Commercial Service of “LMK-PCP”, LLC appoints a personal manager who shall contact the Customer within two business days from the date of its receipt either to confirm that the request is being forwarded for evaluation or to ask for additional information in case it has not been provided earlier.
Note: If there is no feedback from the manager or the response is not received in time, please, contact the Commercial Service by phone, listed in the section: "Contacts".
Not more than five business days after the request is forwarded for evaluation provided that the request contains all necessary information.
Our engineering and commercial offer is sent to the Customer indicating the estimated price of 1 kg of good products or for 1 piece, with a description of the delivery terms and conditions, as well as (if necessary) with the calculation of the price and time of manufacturing tools (molds) for the entire requested product range.
Note: In case of non-compliance with the above deadlines without a clear reason, please, contact our Quality Control Service by sending a claim to its e-mail address specified in the “Contacts” section indicating the name of the Customer and the assigned request number.
No more than 7 business days after “LMK-PCP”, LLC receives a valid request.