«Dear Colleagues, Partners, and Friends,

The full-scale production center named “LMK-PCP”, LLC was established in 2016. It was conceived as an alternative to major foreign manufacturers for the production of cast products and spare parts for various industries – both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

In this context as early as in 2018 we have switched from the traditional sand mold casting technology (SCM) of manufacture to a high-tech production based on the Lost Foam Casting method using vacuum-cast molds (LFC) with maximum control at all stages of product manufacturing.

In the years to come it turned out that we have made the right decision – when our new high-tech production facility was fully set up and fine-tuned, virtually all of our partners who had previously ordered parts and cast blanks using "traditional" method switched to LFC.

We will be happy to welcome you in our production facility and we are ready to become a reliable partner in achieving your goals!»